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Used car dealership: -> Four-wheelers (number of vehicles 24)
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  ManufacturerModelchassis type:DistrictFuelKilometres
of manufacture
  JourneyManGladiator X6 EFI 4x4Utility-quadKolínPetrol2981 km201193000 Kč13575
  JourneyManGladiator X850 EPS 4x4Utility-quadKolínPetrol0 km2018246990 Kč13291
  LinhaiM 150 T3Utility-quadKolínPetrol0 km201859990 Kč13186
  GoesProdám Goes625iUtility-quadOpavaPetrol4000 km201599000 Kč
  JourneyManGladiator X450 4x4 EFI -AUtility-quadKolínPetrol0 km2015129990 Kč7911
  JourneyManGladiator X450 4x4 EFI Utility-quadKolínPetrol0 km2015119990 Kč7909
  SMCJumbo 720 R EFIUtility-quadKolínPetrol0 km2015169990 Kč7899
  TGBBlade 1000i LT 4x4 EPS FaceliftUtility-quadKolínPetrol0 km2018239990 Kč7376
  TGBBlade 1000i LT 4x4Utility-quadKolínPetrol0 km2015229990 Kč7353
  Megastar110Sport-quadKolínPetrol0 km200818000 Kč5594
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